Concrete PaversConvenient and Effective Concrete Pavers for Homeowners in Austin, TX

Are you thinking about redoing your driveway or adding a patio to your home in Austin, TX? The conventional wisdom would be to create a poured concrete slab, but what if there was a better way? Concrete pavers give you the benefits of concrete — durability, affordability, and strength — without all the drawbacks of poured concrete. At ASAP Stone & Landscape Supply, we’ve been supplying homeowners and contractors throughout Austin, TX, with the finest stone and concrete products since 2008, so our team has everything you need to accomplish your paving and hardscaping dreams.

Why Concrete Pavers Are So Popular

There are many good reasons to choose concrete pavers for your driveway, patio, or walkway in your yard. Some of their benefits include:

Modular Design

One of the biggest drawbacks of poured concrete is that cracks are difficult to repair. Concrete pavers solve this problem. The gaps between individual pavers allow for expansion and contraction of the concrete without damaging the entirety of the structure. Plus, if there are any cracked or chipped pavers, you can simply replace them with new pavers without affecting the appearance or utility of your patio or driveway.


Concrete pavers can often be less costly than poured concrete. They also provide much of the same visual appeal of natural stone pavers at a much more affordable cost.

The Strength of Concrete

Unsurprisingly, like other concrete products, concrete pavers are extremely durable. You can expect them to last for decades without eroding or breaking. Concrete pavers are also very easy to clean.

The Trusted Team for Concrete Pavers and Stone Products in Austin, TX

You can turn to the pros at ASAP Stone & Landscape Supply for your concrete pavers or any other hardscaping needs. We also have two locations in Austin, Texas, so you can see our stunning stone products, including specialty stone, for yourself. To find out more or to chat with an expert, contact us today.