HardscapingHardscaping for Any Austin, TX, Yard Project

Sometimes what the landscaping in your home needs isn’t the right plants, it’s the right stones. Especially in naturally rocky landscapes, like those found in many areas of Texas, the right hardscaping can make all the difference when it comes to your landscape design. Whether you want a handful of dramatic accent stones or hundreds of rocks to line planters and flower beds, the right natural stone products can elevate your Austin, TX, yard to new levels of beauty.

Natural Stone Products

At ASAP Stone & Landscape Supply, finding the perfect hardscaping stones is our passion. We’re proud to carry a variety of products from all over the country so you can find the perfect stones for your yard. Some of the products we carry include:

Decorative Stone

Available in hundreds of color, shape, and size combinations, we have decorative stone available to match any style. Whether you’re looking for small river pebbles or large, rough stones, we’ve got you covered.


If you’re searching for a few impressive rocks for your hardscaping project, boulders are perfect. We source ours from throughout Texas and Oklahoma in a variety of stone types and colors. Adding a large, striking stone can be just as effective as a large plant or sculpture for creating spectacular yard accents.

Patio and Paving Stones

We have dozens of options if you’re trying to create walkways, patios, or other usable spaces in your yard. We offer patio and paving stones in both natural and concrete varieties to suit your needs. These large flat stones can also be used as hardscaping elements.

Your Source for Hardscaping in Austin, TX

At ASAP Stone & Landscape Supply, we’ve been working with homeowners in and around Austin, Texas, for over a decade. You can visit us at one of our two area stone yards to see our hardscaping material in person or to chat with a hardscaping expert. To find out more, contact us today.