Landscaping Stones The Perfect Landscaping Stones for Your Round Rock, TX, Home

Sometimes the perfect finishing touch for your yard isn’t the right plant, it’s the right stone. If you feel like you’ve exhausted the horticultural options for your Round Rock yard, but something is still missing, you should think about adding landscaping stones. The right mineral accent can take your yard from forgettable to incredible. At ASAP Stone & Landscape Supply, we work with quarries throughout the country to find the perfect landscaping stones for any hardscaping project.

Stones for Any Landscape

No matter what vision you have for your home or yard, there are landscaping stones that can fit the bill. When it comes to the shape, size, and appearance of your stones, the options are nearly limitless.

Patio Stones

Patio stones are suitable to use as a base for a patio or deck. However, the uses of these flat slabs don’t end there. Add a unique walkway or path through your yard, or simply break up the sea of green with asymmetric accents. Plus, patio stones are available in every earth tone imaginable and range in size from less than a foot to several yards long.


If you want to make a dramatic statement in your yard, add a boulder. Our gorgeous boulders are striking and unique and can make a great focal point for any area of your yard. Many of our boulders have visually interesting streaks of minerals running throughout or unique lichen and moss growth to give your yard a natural, venerable appearance.

Decorative Stone

We have a huge range of decorative stones in dozens of colors, sizes, shapes, and textures. Whether you need just one perfect rock or a suite of smooth river stones, our decorative landscaping stones can help make your hardscaping project complete.

Residents of Round Rock, TX, Turn to ASAP for Their Landscaping Stones

At ASAP, our stone yards are full of hundreds of natural stones that must be seen to be believed. You’ll be sure to find the perfect landscaping stones for your Round Rock yard. Come see our stone yards in person or contact us today to find out more.