Driveway PaversTurn Your Pflugerville, TX, Driveway from Boring to Brilliant with Driveway Pavers

Has your old, poured concrete driveway got you down? Is it laden with ugly, tenacious stains that refuse to disappear? Has the slab cracked beyond repair? Do you simply want a driveway that stands out from the crowd? Convenient, attractive driveway pavers are the answer to your driveway woes.

Driveway pavers solve many of the problems inherent with poured concrete, while still giving homeowners a solid foundation for their vehicles. Pavers are small, interlocking blocks that are placed similarly to bricks in order to create a surface suitable for driveways. This approach to driveways offers several key benefits, including:


The gaps between individual driveway pavers allow them to handle stress better than traditional concrete. Since each driveway paver can expand and move around slightly, there is much less chance of them chipping, cracking, or breaking. The gaps between pavers also allow them to handle heat expansion, unlike poured concrete in which expansion can often lead to massive cracks.

Easy Repairs

Driveway pavers can be cleaned as easily as poured concrete, via pressure washing or with mild soap. In the event of individual pavers getting damaged or stained beyond cleaning, repair is a cinch. Simply replace pavers with new ones by dropping them into place.

Design Options

At ASAP Stone & Landscape Supply, we offer driveway pavers in a variety of styles. You can select between concrete and natural stone pavers, including quartzite, limestone, and sandstone, to suit your preferences.

The Pflugerville, TX, Source for Driveway Pavers

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