Exceptional 16×16 Concrete Pavers for Sale to Round Rock Residents

ASAP Stone and Landscape Supply has the perfect assortment of 16×16 concrete pavers for sale for any Round Rock residents looking to make their landscaping dreams come true. Concrete pavers are a fantastic alternative for many paving needs. While nothing compares to the beauty and strength of natural stone, concrete offers a lower-cost option while still retaining many of natural stone’s beneficial qualities.

Solid as a RockConcrete Pavers

The 16×16 concrete pavers we have for sale are extremely strong and durable. Made of pressed concrete, these pavers won’t absorb water and are highly resistant to expansion and contraction. In fact, compared to a poured concrete slab, pavers are much less prone to cracking since there is room between each block to allow for small variations in size and movement. And, pavers are also available in a number of colors, finishes, and designs to suit any budget or aesthetic.

Durable Beauty

Concrete pavers couldn’t be easier to own and maintain. With proper installation, they are a cinch to clean, requiring little more than soap and water. It can be even easier to clean bigger blocks of concrete, like the 16×16 concrete pavers we offer for sale, by simply using a lower setting on a pressure washer. And, in the rare instances of damage to a concrete paver, replacement is cheap, easy, and quick. In most circumstances, the damaged paver can simply be removed and replaced without disturbing the rest of the blocks.

Your Source in Round Rock

For beautiful concrete pavers or any type of natural stone landscaping materials, ASAP Stone and Landscape Supply has you covered. From boulders to cement, we have everything to make your hardscaping vision a reality. For more information, contact us today.