Most stone can be made into thin veneers! Call and ask us about it.

It is important to keep in mind that stone is a product of nature and its colors and sizes will vary. Whether it be sandstone, flagstone, shale, or limestone, all natural stones vary in color, texture and character. The end result of your project will depend on the masonry crew. If every piece has one side of color, but is turned to the inside of the wall, a very different look will be achieved than if the color is managed correctly. A sample panel of the look you desire and a good flow of communication with your mason about the look you wish to achieve are very important.

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19 – Native Texas Shale. Buff to Gray, and Red to Brown.
Native Texas Shale. Buff to Gray, and Red to Brown. Landscape stone supply Austin3″ to 7″ thick

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21 – Native Texas Shale. Buff to Brown, and Gray.
3″ to 5″ thick Flagstone and 1″ to 3″ thick Patio Stone

1 to 7 Days